Vake Vinocorn Hunt, Fundraiser for

Vake Vinocorn Hunt, Fundraiser for

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What is a Vinocorn Hunt? 

We believe in the Legend of the Vinocorn, an elusive and magical wins which live in remote regions of Georgia.
Some people do not believe in the Vinocorn, as they have never found one, but we believe those pure of heart and with adventurous soul can find these elusive and magical wines. 

On a Vinocorn Hunt a motley assortment of wine adventurers gather and taste a variety of wines, without knowing what they are. 
The Wine Guide shares a bit of information but most of the event is for savoring and exploring the wine with friends, and socializing. 

The fee for the event is 50 gel, all of which goes to IWA, thanks to the following sponsors:

Baia's Wines (
Vinome Wine (
Georgian Wine Finder (  
US Market Access Center ( 

NOTE: if you prefer to pay by bank transfer, use discount code GEBANKTRANSFER (100% discount) and make 50 gel payment to Georgian Wine Finder GE25TB7615536080100006

This event is a fundraiser for the International Women's Association
The Association is a 25 year old nonprofit in Georgia doing charitable projects and bringing people together: