Georgia - the Cradle of Wine

There are over 500 wine grape varieties in Georgia, the most in the world. With thousands of small and large wineries in the Cradle of Wine it is perhaps the most diverse wine region in the world. 8000 years of wine making traditions and overwhelming variety make it both an exciting place for adventurous wine lovers but also an intimidating one!

It can be confusing. Georgian wines such as Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kisi and Chinuri refer to some of the ancient grape varieties growing here. At the same time Georgia has many recognized zones of appellation such as famous wine Mukuzani, and the semi-sweet wine Kindzmarauli and the world-famous Kvanchkara! 

To help you find the right wine for you, we created a mobile application which is available to download for FREE on IOS and Android DevicesWith Georgian Wine Finder you rate wines you set general preferences then rate wines you taste. We use machine learning to find ever-better recommendations for wines you might enjoy! If you use the app enough, perhaps you'll find that most magical and elusive Vinocorn!